Sublinear-lookup blockchains and efficient key-value Merkle trees

This library provides implementations of two cryptographic data structures:

  • Blockchains with log(n) sublinear traversal, implemented as high-integrity deterministic skip-lists (skipchains). In this kind of blockchain verifying that block b extends block a does not require to download and process all blocks between a and b, but only a logarithmic amount of them.
  • Verifiable dictionary, implemented as a key-value Merkle tree that guarantees unique resolution. A proof of inclusion of a key-value pair in such a tree also proves that there does not exist another value for a given key somewhere else in the tree.

Both are meant to be used with a content-addressable storage. Each data structure supports logarithmic queries, and logarithmic proofs of inclusion:

  Retrievals per lookup Inclusion proof size Append
Skipchain O(log(n)) O(log(n)) O(1)
Key-value Merkle tree O(log(n)) O(log(n)) Immutable

with n being the size of the dictionary, or the number of blocks in the case of a chain.

The theoretical details are in the paper.

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